Thursday, September 25, 2008

Will it grow fast enough?

Now that fall is here and winter in nearing I can not help but excited. I love cold weather. Mainly for the reason I LOVE blankets (weird, I know). I almost always have to have a blanket covering me. I also love winter for the simple reason that I do not get out in the sun alot and the natural red in my hair comes out. I went and got my hair trimmed today and I curious to see if it can grow 6 or 7 more inches by the end of March. I can only hope and pray that it does because I have decided that I want to cut 10 or 12 inches again to send to locks of love (and also to have short hair again) =] I love my hair when it is long but it is so hard to keep up with! I have heard that horse shampoo will make your hair grow faster but the thought of putting horse shampoo in my hair freaks me out!

Hopefully I will get to talk to Daniel this Sunday. I really miss talking to him. I feel horrible because I haven't had/made time to write him letters. I just go and buy a cute card, fill up one side, and mail it off. Gosh, I am such a horrible navy wife! I finally found a framed collage of pictures of me and him and hung it up in the bedroom. I was planning of trying to find a plane ticket to fly to see him for the navy ball, but since it will be on a Wednesday, that will no longer happen =[

I didn't get much sleep last night because our dog decided he didn't want to stay on the bed. He would jump down, bark at the door, and then whine to get back on the bed. As soon as I would pick him up and put him back on the bed he would start all over again! So after about 5 times I just opened the door and let him roam from room to room. He keeps finding Daniel's socks and I have no idea where he is getting them!!!

I can not wait to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's tonight!!! I have been needing to finish the last 6 chapters of one of my books but of course... have been to busy watching tv! Ugh...I hate procrastination but it has unfortunately become a big part of my life since I turned 13. I will finish that book before Sunday!!!! =]

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