Thursday, September 18, 2008

My First Blog!!! =]

So I am kinda new to blogging but I figured it is worth a shot! This could be a new way to help me cope with the new changes in my life and to just write (well type) down everything that is going through this crazy head of mine!

This is the first time Daniel has been gone and I think I am handling pretty well. It is still extremely hard, but in some strange way we are becoming even closer. It amazes me how I keep falling in love with him everyday, even when he is not here. When he calls and I answer and hear "hey ole lady" in that joking voice of makes me smile from ear to ear. I wonder how I ever got so lucky, or better yet how did he get so lucky ;-) He is supposed to come home before Christmas so hopefully that will stick...but you never know with the Navy!

We started talking today about going away for a weekend when he comes home. We have been looking at Bed and Breakfasts in Mississippi and a few in south Louisiana; but I think we will probably go to Mississippi. We are hoping to spent some "alone" quality time, turn the cell phones off, sleep in, and do some Christmas shopping. Of course the main thing is just to spend time with eachother in the room 90% of the time we are there :-D I am more than ready for him to come home. It has been hard going to sleep alone....waking up alone (well except for the dog at the foot of the bed). I just wish I could be with him. I wish I could make things a little easier for him, but I can't. He is such a strong person, but even strong people get down on themselves. When he called the other night to say that he would be coming home a month later than planned it took everything I had to not cry on the phone with him, listening to the sadness in his voice. I think that is the hardest part is trying to make him believe that I am the strong and hopeful one.

I really need to get back on my diet and start working out more often. I will do it...I just need a little more motivation. Too bad my motivation is on the other side of the country! He still encourages me, but it's not the same as him being here and picking at me.

I have found lots of things to occupy my time so that I am not constantly thinking about him being away. I love the fact that I am the Public Relations Advisor for my sorority. I love AOII and everything is stands for and I am so proud of my sisters at Kappa Chi Chapter. I went to Natchitoches last night for their Pref Tea and they did amazing! I am so proud of the girls and I can not wait for Bid Day tomorrow and just spending time with them this weekend. My sisters have truly helped me with Daniel being gone. It amazes me that even out of college they really are still there for me. Being there last night, joking around with some of the other alumnae, you would have thought we were back in college.

I really, truly, for the first time ever, enjoy my job! I work with a great group of people and love what I am doing. I think Daniel was definitely glad to hear that a week or two after I started the job. I have joined an online book club in hopes that it will one, occupy spare time; and two, open my opinions to different kinds of literature.

Well I think that is enough for my first blog!


{ Becca } said...

Welcome to the addictive world of blogging :) Saw your post on Subwivesclub...


Joe and Samantha said...

Keeping busy is how I MAKE it... Good for you!

Also- you should edit your post and take out the exact day he left. OPSEC says that's not very good-because anyone can add 6 months and get an idea when/around where they will be when they get home. Just a thought.