Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Berry Good Day...again!

I have come to the conclusion that my husband is the most amazing man that God ever put on this earth! So today, I am at work, getting documents prepared for a closing and my boss comes in with yet ANOTHER package. I couldn't believe I was getting another package!! So I open it up and OMGsh there were a dozen chocolate covered HUGE strawberries! I didn't even know that he remembered that chocolate covered strawberries are my fav!! I am so ready for him to come home! I am glad that he has been spoiling me by sending me gifts, but deep down, I could careless about the gifts. The best gift ever would be to have him here with me. It's strange how these gifts can make it easier for one mintue and then hard the next. It's like they are even more of a reminder that he is not coming home for a while. I am still more than grateful and I love him with all of my heart! I wish I could call him to tell him THANK YOU and that I love him! He is so amazing, I can't help but smile every time I think about him and how wonderful he is!! =] What did I ever do to deserve him?

I can not wait to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight and CSI:NY! I have so much going on this fall and too many great shows to watch! All I can say is thank God for Ti-vo!!!!

I almost done reading a book a started last week. I should have been done already but I have been procrastinating! I have 6 chapters left and I need to finish all 6 by late tomorrow so I can start on another book. I have so much stuff that I have been occuping my time with that I am forgetting to do other important stuff. Hopefully after this weekend things should calm down.

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Miss Hope said...

Hi fellow Navy wife! What a ride this life is, huh?

Sounds like you're doing just fine and if you have a moment that's not fine? That's okay, too!

Busy is the key word and it sounds like you totally know what that means.

Too sweet what your husband did. We're on shore duty until retirement, so I don't get surprise packages. I'm too happy to have help with the kids to care!