Sunday, September 21, 2008


I think last night was the first time since last football season that my heart skipped so many beats! I LOVE LSU football!!! My skin should have been purple and gold coming out of my mothers womb! It was so exciting to see the boys beat Auburn on THEIR home field!!!!!! =] Oh it was so bitter sweet! All though I am still celebrating I am sure that my heart will feel the same way atleast three more times! I am worried about our games against Georgia, Florida, & Alabama! Of course I think we can win, but it is the SEC and you never know so until each score board and each game reads LSU ahead and the time 4th quarter 0:00! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!

I got to talk to Daniel today for about 25 minutes. I wasn't alot but it was great to hear his voice! He said he was glad LSU won because he knew there would be NO reason for me to be in a bad mood! He sounded like he was doing alot better than he was a few days ago! I am just so ready for him to come home! He sent me a card in the mail and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life! With him being gone for so long, it has really brought out a different side of him, but a good side! I miss him so much!!!

So I got to clean out the room at my mom's that has alot of mine and Daniel's junk in there! The only thing that upset me is that I still can't find my camera!!! Daniel took it to Washington in June and I have not seen it since! I guess I am more upset about the memory card and pictures on the camera that did not get to get transfered to the computer more than I am upset about the camera missing! A camera can be replaced but the memory card with all the pictures can not!!!

Well, I guess I am going to call it a night! Another week of work starting tomorrow! Hopefully we will get lots of title orders in next week!!! =]


{ Becca } said...

Hi! I got your message on SWC about the blog layout, but for some reason, the site hasn't been delivering my replies, grrrr, (this is like the 3rd time it's happened) so I'll just tell you on here. I just used the blogger minima setting and use a header made using photoshop, but if you want a really cute background, check out this site. It's really easy to use the layouts on here, but I'm happy to help if you need it.

{ Becca } said...

Yay! Looks good... Fleur de lis, perfect for a Tigers fan :)