Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It shouldn't suprise me!

So this week has been one of the worst weeks in a very long time, and started on Saturday. I was about to leave to go shopping for my last minute ritual whites for the weekend when my aunt called and told me that my Nannie (grandmother) passed out at my cousin's shower and hit her head extremely hard on the tile floor at the church. She said that they were bringing her to the hospital. Now, they live in an extremely small town and the local hospital is not the best place. A better hospital is in a city about 45 mins north of them and of course they had no available rooms because after the hurricanes it they had to evacuate patients from the costal areas and move them north and most of those patients still have not been able to go back home. So she had to stay at the hospital for 3 nights which was miserable for her. I had to call her every few mintues to keep her updated on the LSU game and the UGA vs. Bama game! She is doing MUCH better now and it at home which is a huge relief.

So just as I thought nothing could be worse than that....I am getting ready to go to work on Monday and I can not find my keys! So I do not panic just yet, grab the spare set, and run out the door so I would not be late for work. I searched the office just to make sure they were not there and of course they weren't. I searched my car and Daniel's car, still nowhere to be found. I have searched every inch of the house and I still can not find them!!! I do not understand how I could lose a set of keys that have like 8 key chains, plus 5 or 6 keys, and a card holder key chain!!!

Thankfully I received four letters from Daniel which have really helped put me in a better mood. It's times like this that I am going completely CrAzY that I am glad he is not here because I wouldn't want to stress him out. I miss him so much it's not even funny. This week has been one of the hardest since he has been gone...I swear it seems like there is always a week that make it seem worse than the one before it that was so horrible. When it rains, it pours!!! Only a little while longer until he will be back home...I can not wait!!!

So on a brighter note...I finished two of my books! I think I am starting to become a big fan of Nicholas Sparks. I am going to pick up his newest book that was released yesterday, today after I get off work. I dropped off Daniel's car at the handwash car place today and I wasn't prepared for the price, but they do a good job so it is worth it I guess. Hopefully the end of this week will start looking up soon!!!


Miss Hope said...

Nothing worse than losing keys. You find yourself looking in places you haven't been in MONTHS! I now get to give up and blame my four year old....and I'm usually right.

AndreaLeigh said...

Yikes! I am sorry to hear about your grandmother and the lost keys. Did you ever find them?